Brand New Rider - Got the best service!
I'd like to give a huge shout out and heartfelt recognition to Elisa in FoCo. I'm a brand new rider, and not only was I able to get the exact Harley that I had my heart set on for my new adventures in riding, but Elisa went out of her way to help me with everything a new rider should be prepared for--what/where everything is on the bike for ops, tips & tricks, safety guidelines, riding culture & history, etc. She made me feel like family and took extra care to hold my bike for me until I was able to transport it and to make sure my bike was in tip top shape for the moment when I drove it off the lot. She has a wealth of knowledge about motorcycles and Harley's specifically. Elisa made my experience of becoming a new rider such a positive one (when I'm sure it can be intimidating otherwise). Glad that I found my Harley at Ace's with Elisa. (Employee: Elisa Lopez)
Sam Boik
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